Dealing with Releases doesn’t have to be such a pain.

No more paper. No more confusion. Digitally gather and store all your releases in one place.

What ReleaseMe Can Do For You

Organize ALL of Your Releases

With ReleaseME, ALL of your appearance, location, material, and miscellaneous releases for ALL of your video projects are easily stored and organized in one place.

Eliminate Missing Releases

Eliminate paper. Eliminate scanning. Never lose a release again. ReleaseME’s digitized release system ensures nothing is lost during production.

Streamline Communication

Teams can see in real-time who has been released, what locations are good to go, and any issues they need to be aware of.

Release Hundreds of People at Once!

Custom QR codes for every release allow a crowd of people to sign appearance releases on their own device. Just open your camera, point it at the image, and release yourself!

ReleaseMe Highlights

Easy Uploading

Take a photo, sign a release, make a note and you’re done! All your information is automatically uploaded and stored for your entire team to see.

Create Custom Releases

No two productions are the same. Use ReleaseME to create any type of release to serve your production needs.

Securely Stored

Client Data is of the utmost importance. BiG performs periodic security audits to ensure your data is securely stored in the cloud.

Releases made simple. Try it for free.