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3 Ways You Can Survive the Future of Production

Every week you hear about another major media company increasing its hours of original content. This has created an “arms race” for original programming at traditional cable media companies. For those in the production game, all of this investment in original content should be music to our ears, but in reality, it hasn’t been. How come? Check out the latest article by BiG Media’s CEO, Chris Bray, on ProductionHUB to hear his theory on why it hasn’t been music to the industry’s ears, how technology will be production’s savior, and how you can survive in the new era of media.

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Creative Types Say Artificial Intelligence Will Help, Not Hurt, Their Jobs

Here is a fantastic article on Forbes illustrating how creatives are adopting AI into the artistic process. The Adobe study states that 75% of creatives believe their work has become more complex; and 74% said they spend over half of their time on repetitive, primarily uncreative tasks such as process management and solving technical issues. AI is a valuable tool that frees up creatives to be more creative! 

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