The Only Assistant Editor You’ll Ever Need.

Stop wasting budgets on assistant editors. BiG’s Artificial Intelligence bot, BiGGiE, can group & sync, and organize all your projects straight from the field.

How it Works

What Can EditME Do For You?

Reduce Staff

BiGGiE can do the work of several assistant editors, empowering you to accomplish more with the staff you have.

Start Editing Faster

Stop waiting days for footage to be manually organized. BiGGiE delivers ready-to-edit footage to creative teams so they can start editing sooner.

Decrease Costs

BiGGiE reduces the need for freelancers, allowing you to invest more into the creative, while reducing expenses and increasing profits.

Post-production Will Never Be the Same

BiGGiE can discern between scenes, interviews, and b-roll. Simply drag and drop your footage into EditME and BiGGiE automatically organizes the media for you. Gone are the days of scrubbing through hours of media just to label and organize it before you can even edit. Tell BiGGiE which video files need to be grouped & synced, and BiGGiE will do it for you! BiGGiE delivers everything you need to start crafting your narrative.

EditME Highlights

Group & Sync

Tell BiGGiE what edit system you are using, which video files should be grouped & synced, and BiGGiE does it for you.

Organize Media

BiGGiE’s image recognition automatically separates scenes, interviews, and B-roll for you.

Learns Your Show

The more you use BiGGiE on a video project, the more BiGGiE learns your show and can do things before you ask.

The Only Assistant Editor You’ll Need.