The Only Casting Associate You’ll Ever Need.

The ME Suite’s Artificial Intelligence bot, BiGGiE, conducts casting interviews and organizes submissions, allowing a small team to cast large projects faster and for less money.

What Can CastME Do For You?

Reduce Staff

BiGGiE can do the work of several casting associates, enabling you to do more with the staff you have.

Find Talent Faster

Stop wasting weeks of your casting team’s time conducting talent interviews that will never go anywhere. BiGGiE conducts interviews for you!

Decrease Costs

BiGGiE reduces your dependency on freelancers, allowing you to invest more time in the creative, while reducing expenses and increasing profits.

The New Era of Casting

Say goodbye to skype rooms not being available and editors being too busy to work on casting reels. With CastME, a small creative team can cast as effectively as a large studio. Record your questions and click submit. Before long, BiGGiE delivers dozens of video casting submissions. BiGGiE does the legwork so your casting team can quickly identify the best talent.

CastME Highlights

Cast Dozens of People at Once

Record a brief explainer video, your questions, and send out a link! BiGGiE uses your video to ask questions to interviewees and gives them a set amount of time to answer.

Quickly Review Talent

Gone are the days of having multiple casting associates and assistant editors cut down lengthy interviews with dozens of potential talent. BiGGiE handles all your editing so you can separate the hard-no’s, from the maybe’s, from the hell yeah’s!

Easily Manage Submissions

Once an interview is completed, BiGGiE sends you a notification. After you’ve watched your interviews, select who you want to follow-up with and have BiGGiE send them all an email with the press of a button.

Save Time and Money with CastME