Supercharge your staff with the BiGGiE bot.

BiGGiE, the world’s first Media Process Automation (MPA) bot, tackles the tasks your team doesn’t have time to do or want to do, allowing team members to focus on higher-value work.

What Can BiGGiE Do For You?

Increase Speed

BiGGiE turns humans into superhumans, processing millions of points of data every second, allowing your staff to complete tasks in a fraction of the time.

Increase Accuracy

Studies show the humans make more mistakes when dealing with monotonous, redundant tasks. Offload these tasks to BiGGiE and let your team focus on more important tasks.

Increase Profits

With budgets plummeting, augmenting your staff with BiGGiE can dramatically reduce your costs and increase your profits.

What is BiGGiE?

BiGGiE™ is the world’s first bot dedicated to Media Process Automation (MPA). At BiG, we work with the industry to identify processes that should be automated. Then, we train BiGGiE, using supervised machine learning, to automate the process.

BiGGiE Highlights

Works 24/7

BiGGiE never takes a minute off.

Never Tired

BiGGiE is always 100% focused.

Always Learning

BiGGiE is constantly learning new skills.

Interested in Hiring BiGGiE?