We are BiG

BiG Media’s artificial intelligence solutions are designed for modern media companies who need to maximize their time and minimize their costs, while making quality content better, faster, and cheaper than their competition.

Led by experienced media professionals and technologists, BiG Media’s team understands the current and future challenges in the ever-changing media landscape and the steps necessary to conquer them.
At BiG Media, our proprietary products and suite of custom solutions improve efficiencies and increase profit margins for our clients. Our tagline says it all,

“Upload Your Video Content and Magic Happens.”

From the client’s perspective, it really is that easy. Through simple user experiences, BiG’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence, BiGGiE™, helps clients accomplish tasks at a fraction of the cost and with greater accuracy than was previously thought possible.

By working hand-in-hand with the industry, BiG Media has uncovered a world of opportunity for media companies to significantly increase their efficiency across the entire life of a production.

If you are interested in partnering with or learning more about BiG Media, email contact@bigmedia.ai

BiG Media is headquartered in Dallas, with satellite offices in New York, LA, and Austin.

Save Time & Money with AI.