We are BiG

BiG Media is the first company dedicated to Media Process Automation (MPA). Our solutions are designed for modern media companies who need to maximize their time and minimize their costs, while making quality content better, faster, and cheaper than their competition.

Led by experienced media professionals and technologists, BiG Media’s growing suite of automated solutions, called the ME Suite, tackles the redundant processes within the media workflow.

By reducing the number of freelancers needed, increasing efficiencies, and decreasing costs on every video production, companies can invest more money into the creative while improving their margins.

Our mission is to make BiGGiE the only freelancer you’ll ever need to hire.

BiGGiE helps you accomplish tasks at a fraction of the cost, with greater accuracy than was previously thought possible, increasing your productivity and profit margins.

If you are interested in partnering with or learning more about BiG Media, email info@bigmedia.ai

BiG Media is headquartered in Dallas, with satellite offices in New York, LA, and Austin.

Save Time & Money with AI.